“The life of the wedding reception program rests solely on the shoulders of the emcee or the master of ceremonies. He should not only host well but also be aware of the proper protocol in such events. It is not enough to have a good voice, commanding presence, or be a good dresser. An emcee should be able to translate what the Bride and Groom want to unfold or present during their wedding. Max Tiu has all of the above attributes plus a charming boyish sense of humor. I am pleased to have him host my wedding events for the professionalism he brings and the enjoyment of working with him every time.”

Rita Neri, Events Planner



“Max is one emcee that has gained the respect of his friends in the industry.  He is dependable and very articulate as an emcee.  He can hold the attention of the guests or audience because of his voice.  Whether it’s singing or hosting, he modulates his voice.”

Penk Ching, Pastry Bin Cakes


“As a photographer witnessing a program almost every other day, I’ve learned that being a host takes more than looks and a great voice. A host must also possess the following:

    1. Flexibility – to change the program on the fly in case something comes up.

    2. Singing Voice – you never know when the host needs to sing to fill in a gap.

    3. Charm – Ok… Most hosts can talk… But can you get the guests to participate?

Max has a great sense of humor, is decent on stage, brings life to the program, dresses well and is stage smart.

It is because of these that Max is on top of my list of recommended hosts, not only for Chinese couples but for every couple. He is indeed one of the best hosts around.”

John Mateos Ong, Photography & Videography


“I have worked with Max in several of my Chinese weddings… I find him very pleasant to work with, he makes my work so much easier… it is always a smooth program with Max around… oh and not to forget! Max sings very well!”

Liza Lugue-Alviedo

Kasalan Coordination Services Wedding Planner/Coordinator


  “Max is one of my favorite hosts. His amazing voice, irresistible wit and charm can surely keep the party going.  He manages to keep the guests until the very last part of the program. Hope you have more events here at the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. I love working with you Max!”

Mary Annalee Sy

Edsa Shangri-La, Manila Events Manager


” Thank you so much Max! You did an excellent job tonight! I’ll be seeing you around… I owe you one!

– Jenine Desiderio

” You are a very good host, and you handled the program very very well earlier. Congratulations!”  

– Jamie Rivera

Event: Surprise Debut of Janella Salvador

Event Date: March 29, 2016

Venue: Palazzo de Verde

Number of guests: 250

Max Tiu with Janella Salvador and Robi Domingo
with Ms. Saigon Alumna, Jenine Desideriowith the Philippines' Inspirational Diva, Jamie Rivera

” There was never a dull moment with Max around!    He is a natural !   His touch of elegance, sophistication and sincerity shone through as he hosted the evening’s program !   To sum it up, we are more than delighted to have handpicked him for our wedding!


Thank you for the kindness, love and support!   We found a friend in you!   We will never forget your sweetness!  

God bless you and your family! “

– Heart & Chiz

” Thanks and great job hosting and singing!     Till next time!     I hope we can work together again! ”  

– Jaya 

Event: Wedding of Senator Chiz Escudero & Heart Evangelista

Event Date: February 15, 2015

Venue: Balesin Island Club

Number of guests: 240

with Senator Chiz Escudero & Heart Evangelistawith the Philippines' Queen of Soul, Jaya
with the country's premiere balladeer, Jose Mari Chan & Birthday Celebrator Jimmy Li

“You are an all around host, singer, and entertainer.   Very very few can come up to the standards that you’ve set and established in this industry.”

Name: Jose Mari Chan (Guest of Honor)

Event: 60th Birthday Celebration of Jimmy Li

Date: October 03, 2015

Venue: Solaire Resort & Casino

Number of guests: 280 guests

“Congratulations! That was an excellent job hosting & performing!  

The game you did was very original and engaging!   I have never seen anything like that where you get all 900 to 1,000 guests up on their feet to participate.” 

Name: Hon. Senator Aquilino Pimentel III (One of the Principal Sponsors)

Event: Wedding of Freence Vincent Tecson & Shandie Anne Choy

Date: February 27, 2012

Venue:Century Seafood Restaurant

Number of guests: 960 to 1,000 

“Apart from a great host, you are also an impressive singer! I also saw your performance in one of the parties I attended before! Keep it up!”

Name: Hon. Bro. Armin A. Luistro, FSC (Department of Education Secretary)

Event: PESA & PESA Foundation Inc.’s 32nd Joint Induction of Officers, Directors & Trustees

Date: October 21, 2015

Venue: Solaire Resort & Casino

Number of guests: 450 guests

with Bro. Armin Luistro
with Gretchen Fullido of ABS-CBN

“Congratulations! You are such a great host and an amazing singer!”

Name: Ms. Gretchen Fullido, ABS-CBN

Event: Sofitel’s Korean Food Festival, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day Press Conference 2016

Event date: January 20, 2016

Venue: Sofitel Philippine Plaza


    “Hi Ahya Max good pm. Thank you so much for being our coordinator/host on our tinghun. Also for being so accomodating every time we set a meeting with you. Swerte namin na free ka pa on our date. You’ve made our tinghun super stress free, halos wala na ako inintindi on the day…. Ikaw na lahat nagasikaso. You really went the extra mile to make sure every aspect of our event was perfect. Thank you again and looking forward to seeing you on our next family event!”

Names:  Carson Jefferson Tanganco & Jacqueline Udquin

Event: Tanganco & Udquin Ting Hun (Chinese Engagement Ceremony)

Date: April 28, 2018

Venue: Edsa Shangri-La Manila

Number of guests: 150

    “Hi Max! Thank you for making our tinghun program so flawless, it wouldn’t be possible without you! Thank you for all the advices and the help you gave us! Excited to prepare for the wedding program na! Hahaha. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

Names:  Theo Lester Tan & Joana Wong

Event: Tan & Wong Ting Hun (Chinese Engagement Ceremony)

Date: July 02, 2017

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant

Number of guests: 240

    “Hi Max! We are very much satisfied and happy with how our ting hun turned out! It was fun working with you! Thank you for making our ting hun organized and entertaining. Pleasure was ours!”

  • Tricia

    “My personal thanks for making today’s event special and smooth! Most people, if not all, praised the event as well organized and well hosted. More important, you made it easy for us to enjoy the moment. Thank you very much. Hope to see you more on future occasions.”

  • Kelvin

Names:  Kelvin Ramirez & Tricia Fabico

Event: Ramirez & Fabico Ting Hun (Chinese Engagement Ceremony)

Date: June 26, 2016

Venue: New World Manila Bay Hotel

Number of guests: 100

    “My wife, Jennifer, and I had the pleasure and honor of engaging Mr. Max Tiu to emcee at our wedding reception at the Century Seafood Restaurant on July 08, 2001. On that special night, Max, a superb emcee, a charming host, and a great singer, enthralled and captivated my wedding guests with his arrangement of a rich repertoire of old, romantic songs and contemporary numbers. The artistically crafted video presentation megged by no less than Max himself thrilled the audience to no end. My wife and I can’t thank Max enough for turning our wedding reception into a truly memorable and once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Name: Jefferson Tiu

Event: Tiu & Tan Wedding Celebration 

Date: July 08, 2001

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant, Phase 1, 2 & 3

Number of guests: 1,450

  “A cousin who knew Max’s work recommended him to us. The first time we met, he was able to answer all our questions and concerns.  He asked us what kind of program we wanted, making our program unique from other couples.  From that meeting alone we knew that we have found the guy who will be able to handle the stress of entertaining 800 people. 

We only met Max a couple of times to formally discuss the plans of our wedding, but he makes you feel as though you’ve known him your whole life.  Before our wedding, we saw Max in different occasions and events, and he would always walk up to us and ask how we were doing and joke around with us.

At our wedding reception, Max was very “hands-on” when it comes to the flow of the program; he was also like one of our coordinators, helping us with the little details that would have been overlooked.  Due to heavy traffic, our wedding had to start late since most of the guests haven’t arrived yet.  But we must admit that Max stayed cool, kept his composure and entertained the guests.  You could see in Max’s face that he was really enjoying himself at the reception.

We could not recommend anyone who is better than Max Tiu.  After our wedding, a lot of people were asking about our host. When we first started looking for an emcee for our wedding, we didn’t expect to find a good friend in Max as well. 

Thanks Max!”

Names: Mark Spencer Tan and Margaret Ann Callano

Event: Wedding Celebration Date: January 28, 2007

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant, Phase 2, 3

 “Our emcee, Max, was very entertaining and spontaneous in the way he delivered our program. He is very organized and was able to hold on to our guests’ attention the entire time. He delivered his lines clearly with his great voice… And he sings like a pro!”

Names: Mr. Jimmy Lam and Mrs. Carol Lam, Son and Daughter-in-law of Celebrators

Event: 60th Diamond Wedding Anniversary and Double Birthday Celebration of Mr. Lim Tuy and Mrs. Tsoi Pik Yuk

Date: January 01, 2007

Venue: Century Park Hotel

Number of guests: 360

“It took a long while for me to pick a host for my daughter’s debut party as I am very picky when it comes to diction, spontaneity and creativity.  That is why I am truly grateful for being able to get Max.

Nina’s classmates were very impressed; some of my friends even took time to say that Max is the best host they have ever encountered.

Wishing you more success in your field of expertise!  God bless!”

Name:  Jeannie Taule, Mother of Debutante

Event: 18th Birthday Celebration of Nina Johanna Antoine Gonzalez Taule

Date:  April 08, 2006

Venue: Discovery Suites

Number of guests: 100

“My ex-colleagues, a couple, were here last weekend and we met up.  They couldn’t stop raving about our great wedding host! Great host, singer, and linguist rolled into one! They were really impressed with you Max, especially with your rendition of “The Prayer”- their theme song.

I’m so proud of you and to be called your friend and I don’t think I would have let anyone else be my reception host except you.  Thanks again for doing it for me; it was a success because of you.”

Name: Jennifer Wong-Ng, Bride

Event: Wedding Celebration

Date: July 04, 2004

Venue: Mandarin Oriental Hotel

“Max, what can I say… but you’re GREAT!!! He hosted for my friend’s wedding and a lot of people liked him. My Japanese boss, Mr. Ogata, and the other Japanese guests were impressed with Max’s performance! He couldn’t resist asking me to introduce Max to him. He said he had attended several weddings in the United States , Japan and the Philippines , but this wedding has the best host! By the way, he wants to invite you to be the emcee if and when he’s going to have gatherings. Even our officemates were impressed. They said that you’re “an all-around person”– host, singer, and receptionist! By the way, thanks for helping us at the registration.

The email my friend shared with me was full of praises and good comments! Take note! This is a Pinoy couple and yet Max handled it so well. Pang international na si Max!”

Name: Sally Alipio-Cu, Close Friend of Dante and Arlene Santiago

Event: Santiago and Segismundo Wedding Celebration

Date: March 15, 2003

Venue: Manila Hotel

 “We were very happy to have had Max as our wedding emcee. Mr. Max Tiu was excellent! Another quality we really liked about him was his professionalism. We were both living in the United States and briefly met with him to acquire his services, after which we had to leave Manila. Max was very good with keeping in touch with us.  He was sensitive about what we wanted for the reception and he made good suggestions about what works in a program. The program he set for our reception was very entertaining and creative.   He kept the program flowing smoothly. He was able to capture the audience’s attention throughout the whole evening. We got a significant number of good feedbacks from our guests. He had charisma,a strong clear voice, and excellent language skills in English and Chinese. His Mandarin was definitely better than ours. He surprised us with his singing ability. He was really good! He could sing English and Chinese songs. He brought his own sound system, which was very good. It didn’t make funny noises. If we get the chance to have another reception in the future, we would definitely get Max again. We highly recommend him as an emcee.” 

Names: Jackson Liu and Millicent Osorio 
Event:  Wedding Celebration 
Date: Feb. 11, 2007 
Venue: The Peninsula Manila 
Number of guests: 150

“Max, a lot of people were amazed by your emceeing expertise. Even the sisters of my A-mah (Paternal Grandmother) approached her and called her up on the phone the day after our wedding and complimented on how clear and lively you speak. Mahusay daw .  Thanks again super! We enjoyed every moment of our wedding. Up to this day, we still watch our wedding video because it was really dreamy… We feel we got the best of everything!”

Name: Genevieve Chi-De Guzman, Bride

Event: Wedding Celebration

Date: January 08, 2005

Venue: Le Pavilion

 “Our sincerest and heartfelt thanks to you for the help you extended as we begin our new life together as husband and wife.

May you continue to shower us with love and affection and support us with prayers to make our union strong and special.”

Names: Herbert Jon Chua and Jennifer So

Event: Wedding Celebration

Date: December 17, 2006

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant, Phase 1, 2, 3

Number of guests: 900

“Mr. Max Tiu is just what an events host should be – articulate and presentable! He delivers his spiels very well, whether you want it in English, Mandarin, Fookien, or Filipino. He has good rapport with the audience and is never too loud. As a plus, he sings exceptionally well and presents himself with class.

An events host must be able to achieve what the celebrant or couple wants and Max does this really well. He puts them on top of his priority because he keeps in mind that the couple or celebrant should always be the highlight of the event. Working with Max in our events is truly pleasurable as he works professionally and ensures that our events run as smoothly as possible. He is indeed the best events host there is!”

Denise Doratan

Kanchiu ETC Events Coordinator


        “Max is a great host who can captivate the crowd with his witty sense of humor. If that alone can’t capture your attention, then hear him sing and you will be mesmerized. A very professional and earnest person, it is always a great pleasure to work with Mr. Max Tiu.”

Carla Lo-Uy

Cakes by Carla


“Max is always on his toes whenever he is hosting. He solves problems even before they arise and makes sure that everything is in place, hours before the event!

Jenny S. Garcia, Soprano / Music


“Max did a great job in our wedding! He helped us with the whole program and we didn’t have to worry about a thing during our reception. Hats off to his commitment! He fainted on the morning of our wedding day and was even brought to the operating room for stitches on his head, but he was there to host our wedding. He’s very fluent in English, Mandarin and Tagalog and he sings a wide repertoire of songs very well. Even after our wedding, we can still count on him on anything. He even taught us how to type our invitations in Chinese!”

Names: Timothy Sy-Ling and Vicelen Chua

Event: Wedding Celebration

Date: April 21, 2007

Venue: Makati Shangrila, Manila

 “Max, Max, Max… What would we do without you? I’ve seen you host a lot of weddings before and I said to myself “when I get married, I’ll be getting this guy to host mine.” And guess what, I did! It didn’t surprise us that you turned out to be a cool and humble person; so easy to talk to and flexible as well. My wedding wouldn’t be that perfect without you. Thanks for all your suggestions. You’re a host, coordinator and friend in one!”

Names: Christopher Co and Pamela Abby Sy

Event: Wedding Celebration

Date: January 21, 2007

Venue: Renaissance Makati City Hotel, Manila

Number of guests: 600

“I expected a personable and vocally talented emcee in Max Tiu, but he exceeded expectations. For our grandparents’ 90th and 82nd birthday celebration, Max helped us craft a programme to make it a night to remember. As often happens, things don’t always go according to plan. Max was flexible enough to accommodate the requested programme changes on the spot, and managed to keep cool under pressure. His skills and personality make him stand out from other emcees.”

Name: Carlene Tan, Grand Daughter of Celebrators

Event: Double Birthday Celebration of Mr. Nicasio Tan and Mrs. Chua Beng Hua

Event Date: April 11, 2007

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant

Number of guests: 700

“Witty. Caring. Spontaneous. Flexible. Genuine. Funny. Reliable. Accommodating. Generous. Professional. Great singer. Great speaker. There are much more adjectives to describe Max. Just one project with us so far, yet there’s nothing but praises from us and our guests. You’ve pleasantly surprised us and we’re more than happy to recommend you to our family and friends who’ll need your professional service. Kudos to you, Max!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Richard Ty and Wennifer Chan

Date: July 08, 2007

Venue: Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant, Greenhills  

 “Max is the “handyman” when it comes to wedding emceeing. He walked us through the reception program every step of the way. He made sure that we, the couple, were kept updated every time there were any changes. He is very organized and very knowledgeable with his expertise. He consults every detail on how we want him to bring about the whole program (i.e. volume of the speakers, formality of the emcee, toasting, speeches, etc.). Plus bonuses!!! Why? He extends help and goes the extra mile by entertaining our inquiries that are not inclusive in our contract (i.e. good recommendations of other suppliers, suggestions at church, etc.). He is highly recommended and very dependable. In a nutshell, he’s all you need for an efficient emcee.”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Emerson Chan and Anne Nathalie Lim

Date: August 05, 2007

Venue: Century Park Hotel

“Even from the start, I wanted to get Max as our emcee due to all the positive feedbacks. As soon as we had our first meeting, that decision was solidified. I wanted no one else to host our wedding. I knew that we were both on the same track because even before I told him what we wanted, he was already telling me that he would do the exact thing that was on my mind.

Come wedding day, we were confident that he would deliver well and he did. Our friends and colleagues were all amazed that he can do so many things. Fluent in both English and Mandarin and also sings well to boot, he was able to carry the whole reception program without a glitch.

My one regret was that we didn’t book him earlier, for since he knows and have worked with a lot of wedding suppliers in the past, he could have helped us with his recommendations and feedbacks. Thanks Max! You are such a friend and truly one of our favorite wedding suppliers!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of  Sherwin Ang and Jaclyn Young

Date: July 15, 2007

Venue: Century Park Hotel

“Thank you very much for all your help. We will be lost without you. You really are a good friend to us. We wish you all the best in your career and may God always bless you.”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Jeffrey and Kathleen Lim

Date: July 23, 2006

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant


“Our wedding was a year in the making so it gave us ample time to decide on tons of choices. We had to pick our church, our reception venue and of course the perfect host for the latter. 

There were a lot of suggestions and recommendations, so many trials and rounds of samplings. But it’s a good thing my wife insisted on getting Max Tiu as the emcee for our special day. Max kept in touch with us all throughout, from the beginning to the day itself. He made sure that we were well informed about everything.

There was a time during our reception when one of our audio-visual presentations wouldn’t play, but with Max around, the guests didn’t even notice that there was something wrong. That’s how well he handles a critical situation. 

There is no doubt that booking him was the best choice we ever made. Multi-lingual entertainment at it’s finest, that’s Max for you! Do I need to say more? Lots’a thanks, Max!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Marcus Dee and Joan Juan

Date: October 06, 2007

Venue: Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

“Thank you very much for making our wedding day extra special. Everything was perfect! From the program to the songs to the sound system you provided. Every one of us truly enjoyed the evening. I wish you all the best and continuous success. God bless!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Steven Gocor and Jamie Wong 

Date: September 16, 2007

Venue: The Heritage Hotel Manila

“We’ve seen Max Tiu several times from the weddings of our friends. Both of us decided “one day, when we are getting married, Max will be our emcee”. So when we finally started the wedding preparations, the first thing we did was to book Max for our special day. That was more than a year before our wedding date. In fact, we did not contact any other events hosts anymore. From the start we knew that Max would be the perfect emcee for us. From our first meeting, we noticed that he is very organized. He plans well and he customized the program according to our preference. He even coordinated with the hotel for our program. It’s like having a coordinator and host rolled into one. We didn’t have to worry about anything that day. Everyone in our reception had a great time. The program was not boring and Max interacted with our guests very well. My auntie who came from Canada was really impressed with Max. My cousin even asked me for his contact information, as he wants to refer him to his friends. A multilingual emcee and a great singer – what more can you ask for? Thanks Max for being a part of our wedding and making our special day memorable!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of  Jonathan Lee & Michelle Siy

Event Date: December 16, 2007

Venue: Crowne Plaza Galleria

“Putting Brides on Center Stage” by Metro Weddings Directory

         “No client is too big or small for Mr. Tiu. He has done many personal and high profile events such as the Independence Day show at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) with Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as the guest of honor. Thanks to his commanding stage presence, he can fill up any venue he goes to, but considers the couple at weddings to be the main event, with him as a supporting character spicing up the affair. His elegant yet vibrant and lively performances have made Max a highly sought after talent in the entertainment business.”


“Max was referred to me by my events coordinator from Hyatt Hotel & Casino where the wedding reception was being held. We reside in Los Angeles and we all know that planning a wedding isn’t easy, especially when you are half way around the world. I was looking for a supplier whom I would be able to correspond with easily via e-mail. Max was one of my very few suppliers that was very easy to correspond with. I would send him an e-mail in the morning (LA time) and often times within an hour or so I’d quickly get a response. We were also in need of a DJ for the event and Max was able to assist us with hiring one. My brother-in-law met with Max before we did and right after meeting him, he told me “You guys are going to really like Max! I can see you guys getting along just fine. He seems really great to work with!” Growing up in the U.S., I’m used to attending weddings where in guests stay up until the end, meaning until the ballroom attendants kicks everyone out. Guests also willingly participate in all the activities during the wedding — bouquet toss, garter toss and dancing. Little did we know that things were different here. During our first meeting with Max, he informed us that in weddings in Manila, guests tend to “eat & run” and they tend to not participate in the bouquet and garter tosses (KJ as Max had put it!) which of course made us re-think the whole program we already had in mind. Being the professional that he is, Max suggested many alternatives to the “tosses” and ways in which we would be able to incorporate some of the activities during dinner time. Which worked out real well. During our second meeting, Max helped us choose songs for particular parts of the reception and practiced the pronunciations of all the names of our parents, sponsors and entourage. Which I never thought of discussing with him, but it was a great idea. My husband and I wanted someone who would really liven up the wedding… we made the right decision by hiring Max. He worked and coordinated well with our wedding coordinator. He sang really well with the string quartet, they worked great as a team. He dressed very professional (in a black suit) and his shirt and tie matched our color motiff. His diction was impeccable and really has a way of getting everyone to listen and pay attention to him. During the games, he really seemed like a game show host! He was not a scene stealer at all, he didn’t share corny jokes, he didn’t talk too much non-sense — which I’ve seen other wedding hosts do. He really made the night “our” night. We are one of the first couples to get married in our family and group of friends. We will DEFINITELY refer Max as a host to our family and friends! Max, thank you so much for hosting our wedding reception! We received a lot of compliments from our family & friends asking us for your name and how we heard of you. They too were very impressed with your hosting skills. We hope we cross paths again one day… at a family or friend’s wedding perhaps!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Erwin Paman & Trisha Brual-Paman

Date: April 24, 2009

Venue: Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila 

Number of guests: 250  

 “I’ve searched on the Internet, reviews on wedding emcees in order to help us pick our own wedding host. Then, we came upon Max’s website and read all the good reviews about him! All our communications were done through email as we were quite busy, and we only got to meet him during our wedding day. All we can say is that he’s friendly, a good host, presentable, and very professional. It was great to have him as our wedding host! He is exactly the one we were looking for and we’re glad that we found him! Thanks again, Max! ”   

Event: Wedding Celebration of Jerome Dela Cruz & Charlene Antang

Event Date: May 01, 2009

Venue: BreadCom from Heaven Community Church, Shangri-La Plaza

Number of guests: 180

“Thanks Max! We are very happy and thankful…we wouldn’t want it any other way! You’re the best emcee and thanks for making the program a success!

Names: Ervin Lester Po and Mary Mailynne Mariano
Event: Wedding Celebration
Date: December 13, 2009
Venue: City Best Seafood Restaurant
Number of guests: 500

“We are lucky to have you as our host for the event. Thanks for everything!”

  • Mr. Bert Hontiveros (Son of the Celebrator)

“Thanks for your expertise and talent! We surely enjoyed the party!”

  • Dr. Cherry Hontiveros-Lim (Daughter of the Celebrator)
Event: 90th Birthday Celebration of Mrs. Natividad Hontiveros
Date: December 25, 2009
Venue: Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant, Greenhills
Number of guests: 200

“Thanks for hosting on our special day!!! You’re the BEST HOST EVAAAAAAAAARRR! See you in our 25th wedding anniversary! Hahahahaha!!!”

  • Ailyn

“Thanks Max! You were great tonight! It was a blast having you!!!”

  • Chico

Event: Wedding Celebration of John Sheridan “Chico” Chu & Ailyn Go

Event date: December 26, 2010

Venue: Edsa Shangri-La Manila

Number of guests: 600

“Good morning Max! My wife and I were among the many who were very much impressed with your excellent performance and the talent you showed at the Flores Debut last night at Makati Shangri-La Manila. Congratulations! You deserve praise for the quality of your work. Hope to do business with you soon!”

  • MJE. “Bong” Jiao (Guest)

Event: Debut Celebration of Rhoxanne Angelie Barena Flores

Event date: December 19, 2010

Venue: Makati Shangri-La Manila

Number of guests: 150

“Thanks to you! You helped us through this event! We are certainly very happy! Sorry for some last minute changes in the program! We hope that it did not cause you any stress! You were wonderful! I’m glad we chose you for our event!”

  • Joy Ang

Event: 2010 Thanksgiving Christmas Party of Resort4U

Event date: December 17, 2010

Venue: Hyatt Hotel & Casino, Le Salon

Number of guests: 100

“Hoping that your schedule for next year is still available, because it is going to be our 10th year anniversary, and we will be honored to have you again! God bless!”

  • Dr. Sony Mendoza

Event: 2010 Christmas Party Celebration of Our Lady of the Pillar Medical Center

Event date: December 11, 2010

Venue:  Institute Gymnasium

“We had a great time! Thanks! You’re very good in what your doing!”

  • Hazel (Grand Daughter of the Celebrator)

“ ‘Success!’ according to Uncle Jo, very ‘lau-diyet’!  Great job! Heard the ambassador has set an appointment with you! They love your performance!”

  • Tiffany Ayroso-Te (Celebrant’s Family Friend)

Event: 90th Birthday Celebration of Mrs. Sabina Chan

Event date: December 12, 2010

Venue: Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant

Number of guests: 240

“Hi Max! Thanks so much! I so love it! It was nice meeting you! You and the rest of the team did very very well! Thanks again! Really! 🙂 “

Event: Wedding Celebration of John Wilson Yap & Erla Gay Rocafort

Event date: December 10, 2010

Venue: Shangri-La Mactan, Cebu City

Number of guests: 50

“Thank you very much for being part of our day and making our wedding very memorable. We really had fun working with you! Will recommend you to all our friends! Thanks and hope to see you again! God Bless you always!”  

  • Chino

“Thanks Max! You’re the best!”

  • Tina

Event: Wedding Celebration of Christopher Noel Uichanco & Cristina Santos

Event date: November 27, 2010

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant Phase 2 & 3

Number of guests: 230

“Thank you Max! Thank you for the best hosting gig! We enjoyed it too! Until our next ha! Mwah!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Casper Ian Ngo & Krystle Precious Wong

Event date: November 21, 2010

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant Phase 2 & 3

Number of guests: 840

“Hi Max! Thanks again for the great and fun hosting! Friends and relatives are praising you! Super thanks! Hope you enjoyed the night also like we did! Thanks thanks and super thanks again! Mwah!!!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Kristofer Lim & Jennifer Gamido

Event date: November 12, 2010

Venue: New World Hotel

Number of guests: 300

“Thank you Max! We had a great time! Without you, the wedding won’t be as fun! God bless you!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Charles Philip Tan & Jocelyn Tan

Event date: November 14, 2010

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant

Number of guests: 600

“Thanks again Max, you seriously made everything flow nicely! Wish we had you at our wedding ceremony in Samui!”

  • Kenny

“Thanks so much Max! You made us realize that we needed a wedding host on our wedding day! You were awesome! Cheers!!!”

  • Nikki

Event: Post Wedding Celebration of Kenny Ong & Nikki Pidech-Ong

Event date: October 26, 2010

Venue: Century Park Hotel, Kachina Room

Number of guests: 180

“IT’S BEEN A YEAR! Thank you Max Tiu for hosting our program and making our wedding more fun and a lot more… If we can repeat our wedding, it will still be you I’ll be calling!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Rigel Acosta & Leslie Christie Uy

Event date: September 19, 2009

Venue: Fernbrook Garden, Alabang

Number of guests: 200

“Thanks super, Max! Todo praise ang inabot mo from Ninong Ernie namin! Really love our program tonight. We started on time and ended early. Wala akong masabi! Ang galing ninyo both kumanta (with female singer)! SUPER! The best talaga! So happy! Galing mo!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Joffrey Po & Nicole Candice So

Event date: October 23, 2010

Venue: Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant

Number of guests: 900

“Looking back to our wedding, it is an honor to have you as our guest singer and emcee. You’re not only one great singer and host, but also a wonderful wedding planner and adviser. Thank you very much! You work extra miles, and that makes you an outstanding emcee. Hope to see you in more events. God Bless!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Lin Tse Yeh & Sy Siu Ying (林澤越 及  施少瑛 )

Event date: May 02, 2010

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant, Phase 2 & 3

Number of guests: 720

“Hi Max! Thanks so much… especially for being game din sa mga guests… can’t believe pinainom ka… hahaha! Dami nagsasabi ang galing mo!”

  • Ciara

“Thanks so much Max! Sa kasal naman ng anak ko, ikaw din mag host!”

  • Hubert

Event: Wedding Celebration of Hubert Sio & Ciara Kathrina Uy

Event date: October 16, 2010

Venue: Iloilo Grand Hotel

Number of guests: 600

“Program master Max Tiu…need I say more? One word – EXPERT!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Arvin Chan & Anna Marie Lim

Event date: September 28, 2008

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant, Phase 2 & 3

“When people asked me which emcee I’d recommend for them on their wedding, I’d immediately give them Max’s number.  For me, he’s one of the best.  He works well with people and he sings very well too.  And the fact that he’s a close friend of our coordinator didn’t hurt too.  So when it was our turn, Max was, and is our one and only pick!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Sherwin Yu & Stephany Venancio

Event date: December 13, 2009

Venue: Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant, CCP Complex

Number of guests: 480

“When we first got to talk to Max, we knew he would be our wedding host – he’s very accommodating and super friendly! Max is known to host various Chinese weddings here and there. He is always in demand! He speaks English and Mandarin very very well. He sings very well too! I’ve attended a couple of weddings already where he is the host and I must say he ensures that all the guests will truly enjoy the evening!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Casper Ian Ngo & Krystle Precious Wong

Event date: November 21, 2010

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant, Phase 2 & 3

Number of guests: 780

“The emcee, Max Tiu, did an amazing job once again! He is still the best wedding emcee I know so far- the one with the best taste in clothing and the best language skills. Thank you, Max! Thank you so much talaga! Nag-enjoy ako sa program! And ang galing ng both Chinese and English mo… and ang accommodating and ang bait mo pa! Thank you so much!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Aldwin Chua & Stephanie Jemima Chong

Event date: July 03, 2010

Venue: Century Park Hotel

Number of guests: 720

“We never doubted Max’s talent. He is very spontaneous and OC too! Check his website for other services he could offer! Trust me, you don’t want a host who has so many grammatical slips and cannot draw the crowd’s attention… With Max, you can never go wrong. Thanks Max!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Rainier Merencilla & Paula Michelle Buen

Event date: November 08, 2008

Venue: Blue Leaf

Number of guests: 300

“Rating from a scale of 1 to 5:


Super galing talaga! Love his voice! Very spontaneous and very professional! Right on time yung buong program, hindi nga mahirap kausap. He offers suggestions and tells you honest opinions. He even coordinated the whole program! OK pa nga games namin… We had two games: one for the singles and one for the married couples. All our guests were laughing and in a way, participating! His female singer is also very good! The best mga duets nila! Hindi boring! It was an elegant and fun wedding event!!!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Atty. Dondi Dy Po & Atty. Angelita Tiu

Event date: December 09, 2007

Venue: Crowne Plaza Galleria

“Max Tiu – The BEST HOST ever!!! I remember the first time we met; it was 5 days before the wedding day! Hahaha! Very nice and willing to work with other singers!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Melchor Gan & Ria Lim

Event date: October 18, 2008

Venue: Edsa Shangri-La Manila

“We enjoyed every bit of our wedding! Thanks for all the hard work! You made this the perfect wedding for us… STRESS FREE! Sobrang galing! Grabe! Everything was done and executed more than what we could have expected… We’ll definitely see you again! All the best wishes to all your future work! We will surely recommend you!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Norvin Sy & Pinky Lim

Event date: October 10, 2010

Venue: New World Hotel

Number of guests: 450

“Thank you Max for a wonderful evening last night! Hope we’ll get to cross paths again in the future! Thank you again and God bless!”

  • Herbert

“Hi Max! I wanted to thank you for everything that you did on our wedding day. You definitely went above and beyond my expectations! It was great to have you onboard and with your help, the wedding went smooth and stress free! Thank you thank you thank you!!!”

  • Chrissy

Event: Wedding Celebration of Herbert Standly Hung & Christine Diane Teng

Event date: September 25, 2010

Venue: Le Pavilion

Number of guests: 840

“Thank you Max for sharing your expertise on our very memorable day… and making it extra special! You were great last night!!! We had fun! You really are one of the best in your field.”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Dr. Ian Val Uy & Maureen Buhay

Event date: September 21, 2010

Venue: Light of Love

Number of guests: 150

“Thanks Max! We are so happy and thankful that you are our emcee! You’re the best! Thanks so much for everything!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Elbert Bert Lee & Arlene Joyce Hocchuan

Event date: September 12, 2010

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant, Phase 2 & 3

“Max Tiu is one of the best!!!! He made our wedding day more memorable. We’re very happy to have him as our host. Glad to have known him. More power Max!!! God bless you more!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Rey Bautista & Pia Lim

Event date: September 09, 2010

Venue: Mandarin Oriental Manila

Number of guests: 400

“Max, thank you very much! Ang galing mo! “

  • Mrs. Ma. Celia Roncevalles (Debutante’s Mother)

Event: Debut Celebration of Mary Joyce Roncevalles

Event date: August 28, 2010

Venue: Edsa Shangri-La Manila

Number of guests: 200

“Thank you very much for making the party lively and happy! We enjoyed everything and are very pleased with the talent you have shared! Thank you again, till next time!”

  • Virgie  (Daughter of Celebrant)

“Let me congratulate you for a very successful party earlier. Our guests enjoyed your program. See you next time!”

  • Sonia (Daughter of Celebrant)

Event: 76th Birthday Celebration of Mrs. Nora Lee Event date: August 19, 2010 Venue: Summer Palace, Edsa Shangri-La Manila Number of guests: 60

“You did a super job! Really so professional, we were all entertained! We talked to more relatives today and everyone had a great time last night! Thanks! Sayang tapos na kami lahat siblings magasawa!”

  • Anne Kathleen Ong (Groom’s Sister)

Event: Wedding Celebration of Ronald Robertson Lee & Charisse Cham

Event date: August 08, 2010

Venue: Manila Peninsula Hotel

Number of guests: 300

“We loved your performance! Thanks thanks! Kahit very hectic schedule namin and the preparations were very cramped.”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Raymond Allan Sy & Jenny Tan

Event date: October 18, 2009

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant, Phase 2 & 3

Number of guests: 650

“Thank you thank you talaga Max! Sobrang happy namin sa mga nagawa mo sa wedding reception namin!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Benedict Bautista & Jhakie Guiap

Event date: October 08, 2009

Venue: Shangri-La Finest Chinese Cuisine

Number of guests: 200

“Thank you! It was indeed an unforgettable night! All our efforts were well worth it! The party wouldn’t be that great without you! Thank you talaga sobra!”

Event: Debut Celebration of Kathryn Chemaine Samorano

Event date: October 03, 2009

Venue: Ayala Hillside Estate

Number of guests: 150

“Super thanks, Max! Our two events wouldn’t have been successful without you! Everyone was saying na ang smooth ng program! Super number one fans mo na kami! As in! It is because of people like you who make people like us have their dream wedding come true! I’m super thankful Pats insisted na kunin ka namin!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Patrick Alvin Sy & Effie Donabel Tan

Event date: September 26, 2009 & September 30, 2009

Venue: Renaissance Makati City Hotel

Number of guests: 500

“Hi Max! Thanks for a good job! I’m sorry we weren’t able to take a picture with you. Love your work nonetheless! God bless and more power!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Dr. Angel Ancheta Jr. & Michelle Go

Event date: September 20, 2009

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant, Phase 1

Number of guests: 250

“Thanks! You always surpass my expectations! Keep up the good work! Thank you from all of us! “

  • Benny How (Father of the Debutante)

Event: Debut Celebration of Christine Bettina How

Event date: September 25, 2009

Venue: Makati Shangri-La Manila

Number of guests: 200

“Hi Max. Thank you very much for your hosting today. Everything was so nice and smooth and my father-in-law was very happy too! Thank you very much for your excellent hosting. You’re the best!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Gerry Dale Tee & Sonia Fong

Event date: January 23, 2010

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant, Phase 1

Number of guests: 420

“It was a blast! Thanks so much… you’re the best Max! Will surely recommend you to my friends! Ang galing mo! I’m so happy I chose you to host the event!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Gilbert James Pacquing & Aimee Lorraine Lazaro

Event date: February 06, 2010

Venue: Blue Leaf

Number of guests: 200

“Thanks for being a great host!  I did learn a lot of things from you every time we meet… and I’m so grateful that we chose you to host our wedding!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Ricardo Ong & Lily Ko

Event date: January 31, 2010

Venue: Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila

Number of guests: 550

“Hi Max! Super thanks! Ang daming improvisation (during the program) and we appreciate it! Galing ng hosting mo! Ikaw na laging irerefer namin if may ikakasal pa!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Mark Lester Ching & Marilyn Tang

Event date: January 30, 2010

Venue: Renaissance Makati City Hotel

Number of guests: 450

“M A X !!!! Our DUH moment came out in each and every single meeting we had and I can’t believe you managed to still able to put everything in correctly ha ha ha!  The reception was fun lively and interesting and I noticed that even our far off guests were paying attention all throughout the program. I heard my pal say how the heck did this guy wing it? He sang, he hosted and despite the volume of people, he was able to keep everyone pulled together. And being able to also twist Dr. Attilano’s segment was great and made people especially Dad really happy!!!!  Our guests loved you! Thanks so much for making it fun and lively!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Nathaniel To & Dr. Jocelyn Lindy Tan

Event date: February 14, 2010

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant, Phase 2 & 3

Number of guests: 960

“Thanks thanks and super thanks! We love the (requested) song very much, Max!”

  • Steven (Groom)

“No amount of words can express how grateful our family is for the help and support that you have extended to us to make sure that Steven & Joanna’s wedding would truly be a perfect, memorable and successful one… the way they’ve always wanted and envisioned it to be! Had fun working with you!”

  • Carol Lee (Cousin of the Groom)

Event: Wedding Celebration of Steven Lee & Joanna de Guzman

Event date: March 14, 2010

Venue: One Esplanade

Number of guests: 700

“Thanks Max! The event wouldn’t be a success without your expert hosting! “

Event: Wedding Celebration of RD Salacup & Dulce Madrid

Event date: April 09, 2010

Venue: Prestige Tower

“Hi Max! We really appreciate your help and we enjoyed the program. Job excellently done! You made everyone very happy. Thank you!”

    • Lloyd (Groom)

“Hi Max! We just want to thank you for making our wedding more memorable; our friends really enjoyed the games! Always take care & God bless!”

    • Conie (Bride)

Event: Wedding Celebration of Linlloyd Lau & Conie Rose Alvarez

Event date: April 10, 2010

Venue: Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant, Greenhills

Number of guests: 360

“We are very happy, Max! Galing mo! Ganda ng wedding namin dahil sayo! Thanks! Dami mong fans dito sa Tuguegarao!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Roperson Saccuan & Charito Decena

Event date: May 22, 2010

Venue: Hotel Roma, Tuguegarao City

Number of guests: 250

“Many thanks for making my parents’ 85th birthday celebration a success! You are a super wonderful host!”

  • Mrs. Erlinda “Bing” Lao-Lim (Daughter of Celebrants)

Event: 85th Double Birthday Celebration of Mr. Juanito Lao & Mrs. Cecilia Lao

Event date: May 06, 2010

Venue: South Seas Ballroom, Cotabato City

Number of guests: 500

“Thank you, Max! You’re great! Ganda daw ng program sabi ng mga guests, walang katulad!”

  • Lucy Beltran (Mother of the Debutante)

“Thanks talaga, Max! You’re great as always!”

  • Cielo Beltran (Sister of the Debutante, Former Debutante)

“Hi Max, I’ve been getting really good feedbacks from my guests! You’re one of a kind! You made my night, thank you! You are wonderful indeed!”

  • Rachel Beltran (Debutante)

Event: Debut Celebration of Rachel Beltran

Event date: May 08, 2010

Venue: Brittany Georgia Club, Laguna

Number of guests: 135

“Thanks Max! We knew we picked the right emcee!”

    • Christian 

“Thank you very much for hosting our wedding really well! Had a great time! God bless you!”

    • Aileen

Event: Wedding Celebration of Christian Alvin Ong & Aileen Choa

Event date: May 01, 2010

Venue: One Esplanade

Number of guests: 600

“As always, it’s a delight working with you!”

    • Lois of Wyegen (Coordinating Team)

Event: Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Awards

Event date: April 30, 2010

Venue: New World Hotel

“Thank you talaga! Galing mo talaga… and the best thing in you is down to earth ka despite the fame. Stay that way always and dadami pa blessings mo. I’m proud to have met you!”

    • Margaret (Coordinating Team)

Event: Inaugural and Launching Flight for Air China

Event date: April 15, 2010

Venue: Century Park Hotel

“Max! thanks thanks ha! I’m so happy! My mom is my greatest critic of all time, but she commended your hosting! Ganda raw ng Chinese mo! Baka Taiwanese ka daw… sabi ko dito ka nag aral. She herself is so used to hosting and giving out speeches, and for her to commend you makes me so happy! Thanks Max! No regret or any sort at all for taking you as our host. Mwah! Thank you so much talaga for making our day even better! Thanks din for being the best host! Di talaga ako nag kamali sayo!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Kenneth Chan & Gwendolyn So

Event date: May 29, 2010

Venue: Renaissance Makati City Hotel

Number of guests: 400

“Thank you for making Amah’s party a success. This is the first time that she actually understood the program from start to finish! We pray for your good health and future endeavors. See you in our next Chinese party!”

  • Dr. Rañola (Daughter-in-law of Celebrant)

Event: 80th Birthday Celebration of Mrs. Rosario Rañola

Event date: May 28, 2010

Venue: Legaspi City, Bicol

Number of guests: 100

“Words cannot express how great the pleasure was to have you on our special day… So I hope this email would! Hahaha… Well, more than a hundred thumbs up for you! God bless and take care!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Darwin Chan & Shirly Wong

Event date: May 16, 2010

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant, Phase 1

Number of guests: 180

“Hi Max, thank you again for the wonderful evening! Ang galling talaga ng program mo… Simple but sobrang ganda! It really made everything more meaningful to us. Thanks for preparing and handling the program from start to finish and for constantly following up with us, handling all our revisions and last minute adjustments. Super ok din yung balance of what we want and your own inputs and suggestions. Ang ok rin pala nung games natin! Fun nga siya sobra! We really enjoyed it! Yung program sobrang maayos… Ganda ng songs… Ganda ng timing of events! It was really much more than what we expected. Thanks for taking the pressure out of our hands, which allowed us to relax and enjoy the event. Thank you again so much and God bless!!!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Matthew Sze & Aileen Lorraine Dy

Event date: June 13, 2010

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant, Phase 2 & 3

Number of guests: 720

“Thanks Max! People are telling us magaling daw ang host (which is you)… Cheers!!! Sobrang ok yung flow ng program and we had a blast!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of James Henry Ching & Michelle Gurrea

Event date: June 26, 2010

Venue: Amigo Terrace Hotel, Iloilo City

Number of guests: 500

“Thanks Max! You were great last night! Everyone was impressed by your hosting and singing. Two of our family friends already asked us for your contact number! Thanks again!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Erwin Bryan See & Dr. Judee Ann Go

Event date: July 17, 2010

Venue: Xavier Estate Clubhouse, Cagayan de Oro

Number of guests: 700

“Thank you, Max! We had a great time without getting stressed out! Till next time, thanks again!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Arnold Harvey Sih & Rachell King

Event date: July 11, 2010

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant, Phase 2 & 3

Number of guests: 700

“Thanks Max! Sa uulitin! You know naman we are loyal “Max followers”! You deserve all the blessings you’re receiving because you’re one hard working and down to earth host who is dedicated to his craft! All these are said from the bottom of my heart!”

  • Evan

“Thanks Max!!! Evangeline was right to get you as the host of our wedding! Good job! Today is a very emotional yet happy and memorable day for me!”

  • Jackson
Event: Wedding Celebration of Jackson Co & Evangeline Chua
Date: January 15, 2011
Venue: Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant
Number of guests: 720

“Thank you so much for hosting our party! We are the luckiest people to have you as our events host! They are all praising you… from your hosting to your song numbers! To top it all, because of your great job, my friend asked me for your contact number, so I gave it to her! Again, thanks a lot!”

  • Sally Chua (Daughter in law of Celebrator)

Event: 90th Birthday Celebration of Mr. Chua Gian Tek

Event date: January 16, 2011

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant

Number of guests: 600

“Hi Max! Thanks for the time! So happy na supeeeer productive ang meeting natin! Great idea for the games!”

  • Annabel Yap (Upcoming Bride)

Event: Wedding Celebration of Alvin Ryan Tan & Annabel Yap

Event date: February 13, 2011

Venue: Golden Bay Fresh Seafood Restaurant

Number of guests: 1,200

“We truly enjoyed your presence & your performance, and are hoping to have you again in our future parties! Thank you very much & God bless!”

  • Joy Ang

Event: 80th Birthday Celebration of Mrs. Ang Go Bee Hua

Event date: January 22, 2011

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant

Number of guests: 432

“Thank you! My mom was very happy! You’re the Best!”

  • Bing (Daughter of the Celebrant)

Event: 75th Birthday Celebration of Mrs. Leonora Chan Uy

Event date: January 29, 2011

Venue: Crowe Plaza Manila Galleria

Number of guests: 170

“Thanks Max! It was a blissful day. Thanks for being a part of it! Thanks for all the tips, you’ve been a great help! Thanks for the wonderful night!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Alan Lee & Veronica Go

Event date: January 30, 2011

Venue: Century Park Hotel, Main Ballroom

Number of guests: 480

“Hey Max! Thank you very much! We made the right choice with you! We had a great time!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Johnny Tan & Sandra Go

Event date: February 05, 2011

Venue: Century Park Hotel, Main Ballroom

Number of guests: 400

“Thank you so much for having us (as your couple). You’re the best!”

  • Rodney

“We were also looking forward to see you last night! You did another great job! Hope to see you again! Take Care!”

  • Mark Guanzon (Former Groom, Guest)

Event: Wedding Celebration of Rodney Allan Uy & Tania Kaye Alvarez

Event date: February 06, 2011

Venue: Raddison Blu, Cebu City

Number of guests: 500

“Hi Max! I enjoyed the evening… it wouldn’t be successful without your help! You really did a great job!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Alvin Ryan Tan & Annabel Yap

Event date: February 13, 2011

Venue: Golden Bay Fresh Seafood Restaurant

Number of guests: 1,100

“Thanks Max! You are such a very good host! Even my guests are telling me so and are asking me about you!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of JR Tan & Joana Bravo

Event date: February 12, 2011

Venue: Balai Taal, Tagaytay

Number of guests: 240

“Max, thanks again for making Calvin’s party a blast! I’m still getting positive feedbacks until this day! Take care always and God bless you!”

  • Mrs. Beth Tiu (Mother of the Celebrant)

Event: 16th Birthday Celebration of Mr. Calvin Leander Ong Tiu

Event date: February 19, 2011

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant

Number of guests: 240

“Thanks Maxi! Appreciate all the help you extended to the wedding! Let’s find time and link up again soon!” 

Event: Wedding Celebration of Garrick Dee-Tan & Karen King

Event date: February 27, 2011

Venue: Century Park Hotel, Main Ballroom

Number of guests: 480

“We had a really really great time!!! Super thankful to have you with us! I am super super glad we found you because the party wouldn’t have been a success without you! I’ll be sure to recommend you! God bless!!!”

  • Ina Co (Friend of Debutante who organized the surprise party)

Event: Debut Celebration of Ms. Ivanna Elijah Ramona Adamos

Event date: March 18, 2011

Venue: Light of Love

Number of guests: 170

“Hi Max! We would like to thank you for being part of our big day! You are indeed the best in your field! Love every bit of the reception program! Outstanding feedback from the guests too! You are now officially our “family host”! Parang family doctor / dentist lang hehehe! Thank you Max, for not only being the host, but also being a friend to us… Thank you for helping us with the wedding preparations and sharing your thoughts on the wedding details. We are blessed with your sincerity and kindness. *power hugs*! All the best and more power to you! See you on our cousin’s wedding! God bless!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Greyson Allan Ling & Leslie Ann Torchiva

Event date: March 20, 2011

Venue: Makati Shangri-La Manila

Number of guests: 300

“Max is not just a host… he is now a family friend! My cousins love him and my mom too… And yes! He made our day even better! He is too good!!! He can cover up the lapses of other suppliers working with him. I can’t thank him enough!!!”

  • Mitz

Event: Wedding Celebration of Robert Mitz Goingco & Ma. Riza Villareal

Event date: August 21, 2010

Venue: Balay Celina, Liliw Laguna

Number of guests: 230

“Max super thank you! May God bless you always! Sana magkita uli tayo!”

  • Mhy (Bride)

“Thanks Max for the great job yesterday! We will always be honored to have you as our events host…the courtesy and friendship you offer are things that no amount of money can match…”

  • Medith Villanueva Goingco (Aunt of the Groom)

“For sure we’ll see you again!!! Great job yesterday as expected!”

  • Riza Villareal Goingco (Past Bride, Groom’s Cousin-in-law)

Event: Wedding Celebration of Police Inspector John Conrad Villanueva & Anna Maylene dela Cruz

Event date: March 28, 2011

Venue: Camp Crame, Multipurpose Hall

Number of guests: 250

“Hi Max! We had a great time last night! Thank you so much for all your help! And may I just say a lot of our guests gave great feedbacks on your hosting! Thanks again Max and promise pag may nagtanong sa amin ng host irecommend ka namin agad! It was a great pleasure working with you! Take care and God bless!!!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Dr. Sherwin Gan & Dr. Doris Grace Domingo

Event date: April 09, 2011

Venue: Crowe Plaza Manila Galleria

Number of guests: 390 guests

“Thanks Max for being a part of our wedding and for making it even more special! You bet we had a grand time! We’ll definitely recommend you! Hope to see you again!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Richmond Tan & Jeminnie Hazel Uy

Event date: April 03, 2011

Venue: Golden Bay Fresh Seafood Restaurant

Number of guests: 500

“Max, thank you talaga! Nagulat ako sayo! Your voice is much better than I thought! God bless!!!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Rolex Lopez & Mercy Que

Event date: April 17, 2011

Venue: Baluarte de San Diego Gardens, Intramuros

Number of guests: 300

“Thank you for making our event a success! It was really an awesome job… Highly recommended for future events!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Tyrone Lim & Richelle Dee

Event date: April 10, 2011

Venue: Makati Shangri-La Manila

Number of guests: 450

“Max!!! Super glad you enjoyed the wedding and super thankful for hosting it! We love you to the MAX!!!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Jay Jay Lucas & Tine Diestro

Event date: April 26, 2011

Venue: Manila Polo Club

Number of guests: 200

“Thank you so much Max for making our wedding extra special! Our guests really had fun during the reception! God bless!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Edward Francis Labiano & Honeylet Aleli de Guia

Event date: April 30, 2011

Venue: The Blue Leaf

Number of guests: 300

“Thanks for being a part of our wedding! We appreciate all your hard work and all the effort that you have put into our event!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Christopher Narciso Kho & Russel Ann Gabiola

Event date: May 07, 2011

Venue: Marriott Hotel

Number of guests: 450 guests

“Max, you’re the best! Our wedding wouldn’t be complete without you!”

  • Jack

“Thank you so much! We appreciate it! You’re really great… very impressive!”

  • Clarise

“Thank you for the wonderful night! You’re the best! Take care!”

  • Vernie

Event: Wedding Celebration of Jackson Sze & Clarissa Sarmiento

Event date: May 14, 2011

Venue: Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant

Number of guests: 600 guests

“Thanks Max! Thanks for being such a wonderful host! Our guests had a good time and you made us feel comfortable all throughout the program. We made the right choice!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of Vendric Dustin Tan & Kristine Chuacokiong

Event date: May 21, 2011

Venue: Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Number of guests: 500 guests

“We had a great time! Thank you for doing a great job hosting our wedding! It didn’t come off as a G.I. wedding! Everything was just right. We are so glad that we got you as our emcee!!! God bless!!!”

  • Stefanie

“Highly recommended!!! Thank you!!!”

  • Chris
Event: Wedding Celebration of Christopher Joseph Yam & Stefanie Soriano
Event date: May 09, 2015 (Saturday Evening)
Venue: Makati Shangri-La Manila
Number of guests: 450

“Super thank you for hosting our wedding reception program!!! Everyone had fun!!!”

Event: Wedding Celebration of George Canseco III & Tiffany Chloe Santos

Event date: May 08, 2015

Venue: Acuaverde, Batangas

Number of guests: 140

“Thank you for making our wedding program extremely entertaining! Our guests enjoyed it as much as we did!!! God bless you always!”

  • Dimple

“Thank you so much for making my wife happy Max!!! Hope to see you around!!!”

  • Paolo

Event: Wedding Celebration of Paolo Perez & Dimple De Silva

Event date: May 02, 2015

Venue: Veranda Midlands

Number of guests: 350

“We’re really happy! Thank you so much Max! Grabe… this wedding wouldn’t be THE BEST without you!”

  • Diana

Event: Wedding Celebration of Aaron Clyde Co & Diana To

Event date: April 26, 2015

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant

Number of guests: 700

“Maaaaax!!! Good morning… Thaaanks soooo much for making our wedding great and memorable! It became extra special because you were the emcee! Thank you for handling the timing very well and for accommodating our last minute changes! We will surely miss you!!!”

  • Ane

Michael Alvin Sy & Anneli Hilario

March 29, 2015

Venue: Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Number of guests: 800

“GRABEE!!!! Ang lupit ng program mo!!! Ang daming natuwa! Thank you so much Max… SUPER WORTH IT!!! One of the best suppliers!!! So happy also that you were able to sing my requested song!!! A lot of people were asking about you… Na-galingan sila sayo!”

  • Sheila

Event: Wedding Celebration of Ryan Lim & Sheila Velez

Event date: March 08, 2015

Venue: Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Number of guests: 400

“Thanks Max!!! Super thank you for the wonderful program! We will definitely see you again… SOON!!!”

  • Steph

“Thank you so much for the FUN FILLED event last night!! We really appreciate all the things you have done for us!!! It’s a night that we will definitely remember! Sincerest gratitude to you!!!”

  • Janssen

Event: Wedding Celebration of Dr. Janssen Chua &‎ Stephanie Lim

Event date: March 07, 2015

Venue: Century Seafood Restaurant

Number of guests: 480

“Thank you so much for all your help, advice etc. etc.! Super duper appreciate it! See you in February… THIS IS IT!!!”

  • KD (after the final meeting)

“Thank you so much for everything! We really appreciate all the things you’ve done for us! We’ll miss you!!! But for sure, we’ll see each other pa!”

  • KD

“Thank you so much Sir Max! God bless in all your endeavors… Thank you talaga Sir, thank you!!!”

  • Justin

Event: Wedding Celebration of Dr. Justin Iohanne Rabo & Dr. Kirsten Diane Dy

Event date: February 08, 2015

Venue: Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Number of guests: 550

“Thanks to Max Tiu for being the best emcee! We are blessed to have you in our event. Cheers from my sisters and me!”

  • Diane (FB post)

“We really appreciate what you did… The event became even more wonderful because of you! Galing mo mag host as always! Sabi ng lahat ng relatives from both sides na natuwa sila sa program! Very 熱鬧 and they enjoyed it so much!! They all gave really good feedbacks. You’re such a great emcee and singer talaga!!! Kaya nga during the planning stage pa lang, I told my sister na IKAW LANG ang priority namin hehehe! Hope to stay in touch!!! “

  • Diane (FB message)

“Thanks Max! Got very positive feedbacks on your performance from my parents and from the guests!”

  • Dan

“You did a very good job!!!”

  • Mrs. Tuan Tuan Villaluz (Bride’s Mother)

Event: Wedding Celebration of Dan Mark See & Diana Villaluz

Event date: February 08, 2015

Venue: Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila

Number of guests: 350

“You made our reception wonderful! My side of the guests are all asking about you!”

  • Trina

“You are VERY VERY good! Never a dull moment!”

  • Mrs. Rita Prada-Puzon (Bride’s Mother)

“Our Kumare Carol and some other friends kept asking me how we are able to book you!!! They said you are the best in the industry… and I agree!!! To tell you honestly, at first I also suggested to Lem & Trina a lot of other emcees… But after seeing them, the Groom & Bride didn’t like them because unlike you, most of them speak English with some hints of Chinese accent!”

  • Mrs. Lourdes Lim (Groom’s Mother)

Event: Wedding Celebration of Atty. Anthony Lemuel Lim & Atty. Katrina Antonia Puzon

Event date: January 25, 2015

Venue: Century Park Hotel

Number of guests: 720


  • Jazz & Archie

“I am such a big fan!!! Oh my gosh… I can’t stop listening to you!!! You are so good I don’t know where to start! Everything is perfect, and you made it perfect!!!”

  • Josette (Bride’s Aunt from the USA)

“Hi Max! Nice seeing you again! Was able to talk to Archie after the reception… and same as ours, all good words narinig ko from him about you!!! Keep it up! Iba talaga when people see that you have passion in what you do! So excited for you for Heart’s wedding… So proud of you!”

  • Sharmaine (Groom’s Cousin-in-law, Former Bride)

Event: Wedding Celebration of Arwin Archie Alan Simtoco & Jazzlyn Ona

Event date: January 24, 2015

Venue: Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Number of guests: 300

“Thank you much Max! As in YOU’RE THE BEST HOST EVER!!! Take care always and for sure we will see each other again… and again… and again!!!” 

Event: Wedding Celebration of Vince Yao & Edzel Loryn Lee

Event date: January 11, 2015

Venue: New World Manila Bay Hotel

Number of guests: 340

“The first time I met Max, I knew right away that I wanted him for my Debut party!!! “

  • Geraldine (in her thank you speech)

“Hello Max!! Thanks so much for hosting it. Everyone had so much fun. It was definitely one for the books. Hoping to see you in future events! God bless!”

  • Geraldine (through email)

“I think you should know also a lot of people told me you were super good! They had a great time daw talaga!”

  • Geraldine (Facebook message)

Event: Debut Celebration of Geraldine Louise Villa

Event date: January 10, 2015

Venue: Eastwood Richmonde Hotel

Number of guests: 140

“Thanks! We had a great time! Thank you so much! You were great!!!”

  • Janneth

“Excellent time management!!! Thumbs up for you!!!”

  • Dr. Napoleon Tan & Dr. Caroline Tan (Groom’s Parents)

“You are very very good! We enjoyed the program very much!”

  • One of the Principal Sponsors (Groom’s Aunt)

Event: Wedding Celebration of Dr. Nathaniel Tan & Dr. Janneth Tan

Event date: January 04, 2015

Venue: Marriott Hotel

Number of guests: 400

“Thank you Max! We are so stressed with the preparations… but we are thankful that we have you to make things easier for us!”

  • Kristin (after one of the meetings)

“Hi Max! We are so blessed to have you as our host… SOBRA! So happy that you managed to conceal the technical problems of the day! Actually, a lot of people were surprised that we managed to book you, since you are always fully booked daw! Sobrang happy kami that the program was executed very well! Thank you so much… MWAH MWAH!”

  • Kristin (after the wedding)

Event: Wedding Celebration of Walken Li & Kristin Co

Event date: December 28, 2014

Venue: Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Number of guests: 350

“Thank you very very much Max! You did an excellent job hosting! This event couldn’t have been this successful without you! See you again next time!”

  • Stan

“Great hosting job!!! Thank you also for teaching us how to dance!”

  • Esmee

“I am one of your biggest fans!!! I love your voice and the way you sing Broadway songs. I also remember the time when you hosted the birthday party of a relative, where you sang Regine Velasquez’s part of the song… we were all so amazed!!!”

  • Mrs. Evangeline Siy (Bride’s Mother)

Event: Wedding Celebration of Stanley Ang & Pamela Esmee Siy

Event date: December 27, 2014

Edsa Shangri-La Manila

Number of guests: 600

“You’ve added so much entertainment, fun & laughter to my birthday celebration aside from organizing it! Thank you so much Max!!! God bless!”

Event: 70th Birthday Celebration of Ms. Gigi Travers

Event date: December 21, 2014

Venue: Corinthian Gardens

Number of guests: 130 guests

“Hi Max, just want to say thank you!!! You were awesome! Daming nagsabi na maganda raw wedding namin and ang galing mo! If you are not busy, let’s have dinner one of these days… Thanks again!”

  • Jhoanne

“Hi Max! On behalf of Roel, Jhoanne & Jen, thank you so so much for everything and sharing with us your talent on their special day! Good job I should say! Super cool & galing mo! Keep in touch… till we meet again!”

  • Irene Dy Tan (Bride’s Mom)

Event: Wedding Celebration of Roel Ravina & Jhoanne Iris Sy

Event date: December 13, 2014

Venue: Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant

Number of guests: 360

“Max, this is your 3rd time hosting for our family events! I was not wrong in choosing you even before I proposed! Thank you Max!!!”

  • Allen

“I had a great time! Stress free talaga kapag ikaw ang host! Thank you so much!”

  • Delia

Event: Wedding Celebration of Allen Go & Delia Sze

Event date: December 14, 2014

Venue: Century Park Hotel

Number of guests: 480

“Max did a great job hosting our wedding reception. We met with Max just once, a month before our wedding and on that meeting, he was very professional and was able to suggest how the program should run since we didn’t really have that much idea on how it should be. During the wedding reception, Max didn’t give us any jittery moments since he was very well organised and the whole night went out so well. Max can fluently converse both in English and Chinese and he was able to grab the attention of our guests. The guests commented on the smooth flow of program and that there was never a time that it was boring or dragging. It was one of the best hosted wedding parties they’ve ever been to and we agree with our guests.”

Names: Anthony Tan and Jaydee Cheng

Event: Wedding Celebration Event

Date: September 24, 2006

Venue: Makati Shangri-La, Manila

Number of guests: 1,000

“We never had second thoughts of getting Max as our reception host. Who else can do a better job than him? No one! He’s multi-lingual, he sings and he’s presentable.     What more can you ask for?

I’ve seen Max work in a lot of events I’ve had and I’ve always looked up on him on his hosting skills.  He knows how to grab the attention of his audience without being too noisy and annoying (Chinese speaking hosts tend to be noisy and annoying, but definitely not Max).   He’s the best there is in the industry!     Again, I won’t settle for anyone else! I’d die if we weren’t able to book him for our wedding.”

Names: Gilbert Singson and Adelaida Sy

Event: Wedding Celebration

Date: May 21, 2006

Venue: The Peninsula Manila

Website: http://052106.weddingannouncer.com/vendors.html

“As a host of different functions especially the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Justice and Mrs. Manuel Pamaran,  I find Mr. Max Tiu highly competent in all categories.  He is a professional emcee and can deliver himself very well.” 

Names: Mr. Bart Zamora and Mrs. Malou Pamaran-Zamora, Son-in-law and Daughter of Celebrators

Event: 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary of Justice and Mrs. Manuel and Aniceta Pamaran

Date: December 19, 2004

Venue: Manila Pavilion Hotel

Number of guests: 250 

“A lot of our guests commented that our emcee was really good! Max is very professional. From our first meeting, we were confident that the event would be well taken cared of. He also sings very well! Thanks Max, for making our wedding a very very memorable event!”

Names: Wasuonthara Noippan and Mary Ann Ferrer

Event: Noipann and Ferrer Beach Wedding Celebration

Date: December 28, 2006 Venue: Kabayan Beach Resort, Batangas

Number of guests: 100

Website: daldit.multiply.com/journal/item/4

“In searching for an emcee for our events, it is important to look for someone who could best represent the organization’s reputable, dignified and respectable image.   Mr. Max Tiu carries himself well in both our formal and casual events.  He is a remarkable host; has good command of both Mandarin and the English language; and most importantly,  he takes instructions very well even if at times they are given the last minute.”

Mr. Gerry Chua

Association of Philippine Volunteer Fire Brigade, President

Eng Bee Tin Chinese Deli, Owner