How to be a Professional Events Supplier

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by Max Tiu, April  2018


Professionalism is imperative in any field of work. It has a direct impact on one’s reputation and success. Especially in the events industry, professionals are expected to be… PROFESSIONAL. So here are a few tips to those who want to get into the industry and enjoy longevity.

1. Be on time

Always be on time, if not earlier. If the call time is at six in the evening, make sure you are there on or before six in the evening. It takes just one supplier’s tardiness to cause unnecessary delay on the entire event’s timeline.

I normally arrive at around two in the afternoon even if the reception is pegged to start at seven in the evening. As there are so many things to prepare, I need to ensure that enough time is alloted before guests start pouring in.


2. Be proactive

Do not wait to be reminded on what you have to do. As a professional supplier, perform your duties with minimal supervision.

As mentioned above, the reason why I always arrive way earlier than my call time is because I do extensive sound checking; run down the program sequence and details with the coordinators; check if the various materials and equipment needed for our program are in place.


3. Be a team player

It takes a team to create a successful event. Everyone has his own role to fulfill in order to make an event as perfect as possible. It takes just one missing puzzle piece to create an incomplete picture.

As an emcee and singer, it is not part of my job description to help in the registration of guests, compress the tables, nor line up the entourage. My job is to host and to entertain the guests. On the other hand, if there is a real need, I should find no problem jumping in. If my extra effort can help achieve a smoother & more successful event, then it’s worth it.


4. Have foresight

I cannot stress the importance of foresight. Before the problem even arises, nip it in the bud! As the old adage goes: Prevention is better than cure.

For instance, if we stand in the middle of a freeway, there is a possibility that we MIGHT or MIGHT NOT get hit by a car… But why put ourselves in that situation in the first place? The same goes for events. If you know something won’t work, don’t risk it.


5. Have good judgement

In addition to the point above, good judgment is necessary to know if something is doable or not. But when indeed, a problem manifests itself, it also takes good judgement to solve it as efficiently and effectively as possible. More often than not, good judgement is acquired through years and years of experience.


6. Take details seriously

Never take details for granted, for they are there for a reason.

As they say, the devil is in the details. Little things add up to big things. When you ignore these little details, it can be detrimental to the flow of the program. By strictly adhering to the rules clients and fellow suppliers have agreed on prior to the event, clients will be satisfied, which is the overall goal of doing events in the first place.


7. Love your job

Love the job, not the monetary rewards. The money will follow if you are doing great work. And the only way to deliver great work is if you have a real passion for it, as well as the drive to do the best you can every time.

With these few tips, I hope everyone achieves success in the field of your choice! Cheers!



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