Top 10 Wedding Emcees or Hosts in the Philippines

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by The Wedding Vow Singapore, November 2016

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Max Tiu is a very well-known Chinese host when it comes to hosting wedding receptions. Most of the weddings and events that he hosted for are for famous personalities. Satisfaction is the Max’s topmost priority. He always makes sure that he gives more than what is expected of him. He is very dedicated to make his clients happy. Aside from his hosting skills, Max is also a very talented singer – which is also a huge plus factor on why he is a very in-demand host for weddings. Aside from his voice, may it be on singing or on hosting, he could hold the attention of his audience with his sense of humor that is absolutely charming – bringing life to your event always.




Top 10 Wedding Emcees in the Philippines

Top 10 Wedding Emcees in the Philippines

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